E-Learning + Training Courses

Web-Based Training Courses for Commercial, Non-Profit & Scholastic Curriculum

Web-Based Training Courses for Commercial, Non-Profit & Scholastic Curriculum

Modern technology that equips staff, leaders, and students using digitized learning platforms

  • Customized Training Modules
  • Digitized CEU Platforms
  • Resellable software as a service (SAAS)
  • Student + Administrator Portals
  • Affiliate + Membership Programs
  • Automated Testing, Webinars, Downloads, Scheduling & Reporting

Our Approach

Our Approach

Strategic Vision.

Automating your processes is rewarding for both your organization and your audience, but there is a lot to consider up front. What are the benefits of web-based platforms versus local software downloads (apps)? How long will this transition take? What does ROI look like? Eliminating print supplies, freeing staff hours, reducing human error, and speeding up manual processes are many ways a digital platform can increase ROI. We’ll also discuss how going digital can be set up as a resellable SAAS product.

Digital Engagement.

Whether your courses are public facing or only for staff use, we will walk through the best path to get users engaged with your material. Users will feel confident navigating the curriculum structure with no confusion as to what to do next. The learning and training process will be simple and enjoyable.

Need a sales funnel for your public facing course? We’ve designed landing pages, email drip campaigns, and print graphics all created to inspire and convert prospects.

  • Apply digital data and statistics that will keep your organization relevant.
  • UtilizeĀ green technology for more efficient testing and stand out as an industry innovation leader.
  • Leverage interactive multimedia to engage a tech-savvy generation.
Tactical Marketing Efforts Drive  Serious Revenue

Tactical Marketing Efforts Drive Serious Revenue

E-learning memberships and online training courses are becoming one of the best avenues for recurring revenue. In addition to replacing administrator time with an automated curriculum, organizations can open a new channel of income with reseller platform licenses, affiliate programs and monthly memberships.

Featured E-Learning Clients

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Marie and Ryan are All-Stars in our book. We own a small business and Vegas Website Designs is an amazing addition to our team. When you own a small business with big dreams you must rely on other people to help you succeed. Ryan and Marie tackle our business challenges and needs as if it were their very own; our success is their success. It’s hard to find people to work with that care as much as they do. It’s […]

- Cindy Coleman, Take Pride Learning

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