SSZ Membership

SSZ Membership

Sumnu Solutions Zone Membership is the long awaited private platform that educates small business owners on how to successfully market their company, increase cash flow and retain customers, one digital lesson at a time. It’s a self-paced online course that teaches 2015’s SBA Family Owned Business of the Year Sumnu Marketing’s 12 Steps of Marketing.

The Challenge:

Owner Shaundell Newsome envisioned a private online community that engaged wholeheartedly with his proven approach, The 12 Steps of Marketing. So we needed to create a platform that held members’ attention, challenged their thinking, and stimulated them into action.

Our Solution:

SSZ Membership was launched as a lesson intensive platform capable of webinars, coaching calls, video tutorials, quizzes, private member communication and printable certification. Not only do members get marketing insights from years of experience in the industry, but they can freely interact with other members to share and discuss the ups and downs of marketing their own small business. Lessons are self-paced and can be checked off as completed. New lessons unlock with a passing quiz grade.

SSZ has just completed its first year of launch and we’re excited to see this community grow into a truly valuable resource.