iKnow is an award winning program introduced into CC Ronnow Elementary School in Las Vegas for early development of letters and sounds, capitalizing on the STEAM model.

The Challenge:

The pilot was scheduled to launch in September 2016 but had serious development issues. We were approached to troubleshoot, enhance and perfect the pilot and present the program without flaw by the deadline for a successful digital learning experience.

Our Solution:

The pilot launched without a hitch and well before the deadline. Software bugs and code errors were repaired and the user experience enhanced. Progressive tweaks have been made ongoing to perfect the platform including teacher and library membership programs and an affiliate program.

The Results

  • iKnowABC helped students at CC Ronnow improve their letter sound fluency by 33% between September 2016 & January 2017
  • A complete digital STEAM learning model with 5 eBooks, 27 webisodes, 15 original songs, games, activities and much more
  • Positive community engagement and interest in a platform that will improve Nevada's early education system
Cindy Coleman, Take Pride Learning
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