MBD Consulting

MBD Consulting

MBD Consulting is a digital marketing and business design company specializing in small business development locally in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the second website branding and launch the owner has ventured with us, having had success with a previous company.

The Challenge:

MBD has had success growing other small to mid-sized business but for many years neglected their own brand authenticity. So this project took another shot as a re-startup to shift their focus to the Las Vegas business community, and they needed a website platform that showcased decades of digital marketing experience and entrepreneurial insight.

Our Solution:

MBD’s owner has no shortage of personality and we wanted to reflect that urban, modern tone through the website. Just as business consulting and marketing flow together, we wanted to carry that same flow online. So we created a literal animated flow using custom code to give the impression.

The Results

  • The website is unique and definitely branded to the locals of Las Vegas with a modern, urban and flowy feel. The owner now has a website that will consistently represent his business style.