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There is definitely no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas! Blazin’ Paddles offers a true kayaking tour experience on the Colorado River, but needed a kickin’ website to match. This start-up company needed exposure and a well branded image if they were going to stand against their established competitors. Furthermore, they needed a broad online presence and reviews that would pull in tourists and fill dozens of boats per day. After scoping out the competition, we knew this one was in the bag.


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#1 Rank "Las Vegas Kayak Tours"


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Digital Marketing

Even though Blazin’ Paddles is the newest competitor in their space, customers consistently choose them over their long-established competitors. Within 3 months of launching the site they were receiving direct bookings that exceeded company revenue goals.

Digital Marketing

Print Marketing

For those tourists not specifically searching for kayak tours, we created rack cards to display on hotel check-in counter tops and digital coupons for big booking engines like Expedia and Groupon that would give incentives and drive traffic back to the site.

Print Marketing
Our Approach

Our Approach

We focused on designing the website around the total experience. We started with a simple logo that perfectly described the business in one glance, and followed that up with actual video footage from the tours so users would know right away what this company had to offer before ever scrolling anywhere. From there, we wanted to make it overtly simple for users to book a tour, so we highlighted their 3 packages front and center, with a spotlight on the tour they wanted to push most.

The interactive Colorado River map brings real-feel anticipation to the prospective customer, and we sealed the deal with shining testimonials, reputable reviews and an image gallery previewing what the customer would encounter on a tour. As for their online presence, we gave them a newsletter to continue to bait and nurture leads, a blog to gain a loyal following, a strongly branded image throughout Yelp & TripAdvisor, and a photo/video heavy social media presence to create and capture interest.

Bruce Borup, Owner, Blazin' Paddles
Working with this company has been wonderful! The staff is knowledgeable, responses are quick and they offer a quality, fun service. Wouldn't hesitate to work with them again!

- Bruce Borup, Owner, Blazin' Paddles

Ryan Borup, Lead Guide, Blazin' Paddles
Our success is directly attributed to Vegas Website Designs! They were very meticulous with every detail, and it was very apparent that they took pride in our website. It has been a year since our website has gone live, and they still have the same passion with our SEO work, as they did when building the initial website. When they set a deadline, they are determined! Thanks.

- Ryan Borup, Lead Guide, Blazin' Paddles