Case Study

Kato Baking Supplies

Conversion-focused, multi-thousand product variations

Heavy ecommerce

With thousands of products, Kato Baking Supplies was initially worried about the speed and performance of their website, especially once traffic starts getting pushed to it. In addition to an unimpressive design lacking that “wow factor,” there were some development issues making the check out process impossible. Kato also needed to add incentives to their website such as coupons and discount codes.

The client wasn’t able to receive orders because of a bug, so the checkout process needed fixed immediately. Before we began any design work, our team was quick to fix the bug and had them processing orders again in less than 2 weeks.


Products Offered


Unique Ways to Shop


Page load time (sec)

Responsive Web Design

Our Approach

We wanted to give the customer multiple ways to explore products and therefore capture every buyer’s unique shopping style. We also wanted the user to have the fastest check out process possible and scrolling through thousands of products to find what you’re looking for just spells abandonment. So we highlighted a can’t-miss-it search bar above the fold for the customer who has a sense of what they want. We also gave them a Quick View feature that allows the user to view products in a pop up window, quickly add them to their cart and keep shopping.

Upon learning more about the way Kato serves their industry, we discovered they had 2 client bases: retail and wholesale. This was a perfect opportunity to capitalize on those two groups separately and tailor the website experience to the individual visitor. Instead of lumping them together, we thought it best to offer incentives that would peak to the retail customer and wholesaler uniquely. Upon login, the site recognizes if the user has a retail or wholesale account and customizes the products and prices the user can see.

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The Results

This homepage gets right to the point, no messing around. Their most popular and featured products are displayed first, showing off the goods that will take you right through check out with a single click. As for those incentives: The user who lands on the page is immediately given a reason to buy. A reward is waiting for them before they ever scroll down the page, encouraging the customer to sign up and make a purchase. And with a newsletter, Kato can now regularly keep in touch with their customer base and hone in on repeat business when they’ve got something new to offer. The wholesaler also gets special attention and is offered a sign up form on site where they will have access to even greater deals.

The multi-thousand products and high traffic this site will face is a piece of cake. Kato Baking Supplies loads in under 3 seconds and will reduce staff time on the phone significantly!

The Results