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Nevada STEM Mentor Network is a new program of Nevada System of Higher Education created to help college students by connecting them with a mentor in their STEM areas of study. They had a website, but it wasn’t delivering the vision of the program. The directors wanted a youthful and engaging experience for their users that would encourage more student and mentor enrollment. And after delivering a spot-on project for Nevada NASA Programs, they knew we would do the same for this one.

We wanted to see this program get the attention and engagement it deserves with an experience that will stay modern for years.


Returning Visitors


Participating Students


Increased Mentor Enrollment

Engaging Interactive to Attract Program Enrollment

Convincing elements lead students to sign up for the program and reach out to a mentor. A highly engaging experience attracts a younger audience attention with video and constant animation as well as asymmetrical navigation and bright color schemes.

Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Mentor Search Directory

Mentor Search Directory

Mentor Signup Capture

Mentor Signup Capture

Nevada STEM Mentor Network Video

Our Approach

Our initial concept was to give students the ability to search for a mentor right away. We wanted to give them an in-depth search directory and detailed database and make it simple and enjoyable for mentors to sign up for the program. The forms couldn’t lack luster. A vertical scrolling navigation line draws the eye through the program’s details as a guide that encourages time spent on site. Calls to action are clearly defined and the site gives a refreshed image to the new program.

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Michele Casella, Nevada System of Higher Education
I worked with a few different web design companies over the past 3 years to develop an interactive, fresh, user-friendly website. After a lot of trial-and-error and money, Vegas Website Designs came in and saved the day! Ryan and Marie are professional, timely and knowledgeable in their craft and business! I recommend them to anyone looking for custom, interactive site design!! Thank you so much!

- Michele Casella, Nevada System of Higher Education