Travel Googan

Travel Googan

Travel Googan is so unique to the travel market because it gives people an alternative way to shop for travel rates. They have created a travel membership club that takes the costs out of travel rates by buying in bulk from suppliers, then offering the deals to Travel Googan members at cost.

The Challenge:

The company needed a design as great as the business itself, so we were recruited to bring vibrancy to this amazing concept and a design layout that would profit ROI for the company.

Our Solution:

We wanted bold imagery that immediately conveyed “vacation” to the user, but we also had to educate the visitor on the travel membership concept. The design layout gave multiple ways for the user to browse but always funneled them to signup when ready.

The Results

  • A gorgeous high resolution imagery website that entices visitors to begin daydreaming of vacation & immediately shows the compared savings a user could pocket if they decided to sign up
  • A can't-miss-it lead capture form and sales funnel that clearly guides the user through the signup process