EPSCoR Nevada

EPSCoR Nevada

Nevada System Sponsored Programs (SPO) & Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) to promote opportunities and collaborations within science, research, education and technology for NSHE institutions. EPSCoR Nevada came to be in 1985 and has received awards in excess of $72 million dollars.

The Challenge:

NSHE wanted to establish a central platform for all system-wide funding opportunities and convey the highlights and success of these programs. The old website was loaded with information but it was difficult to navigate and users could not find what they were looking for. Content needed to be better organized so faculty and students could easily locate information pertaining to a funding opportunity or a current project they were working on.

Our Solution:

We delivered a stunning website platform for SPO & EPSCoR Nevada that capitalized on their established branding. Content was cleverly cataloged within an engaging spinning wheel, neatly organizing EPSCoR news, forms, successes, etc. Funding opportunities take front stage with obvious display and clear calls to action. The staff is able to easily enter content in the back end of the website so that it remains an up-to-date hub for system-wide funding opportunities. Programs are clearly defined and users are made to feel confident in their understanding of how they can leverage each resource for their educational advancement.

The Results

  • Students & staff are taking advantage of the programs offered and are being recognized as "highlights" on the website.
Michele Casella, Nevada System of Higher Education
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- Michele Casella, Nevada System of Higher Education

Althea S., Nevada NASA Programs
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- Althea S., Nevada NASA Programs