Which Online Marketing Avenue is Right For My Business with Kellen Kautzman

Cory DeGuzman
Author: ,
Posted: March 20, 2024
kellen kautzman

We had the privilege of sitting with the author, speaker, and digital marketing extraordinaire Kellen Kautzman. Kellen has spoken at Roseman University, Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, & The Real Estate Investment Summit Podcast. In this podcast interview, Kellen shares valuable online marketing tips and expertise for business owners on common issues such as:

  • Which Online Marketing Avenue is Right for My Business
  • The Recommended Digital Marketing Process from Conception to Results
  • The Choice Avenue That Will Yield the Most Return for Business Owners
  • Different Internet Marketing Approaches for Education & Law Firms
  • How to Differentiate a Legitimate Experienced Leader that Can Help You Grow vs an Amateur
  • Some Tell-Tale Signs an Organization is Ready for Digital Marketing Efforts

Kellen also shares some helpful links and resources that are crucial for starting the online marketing process.


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