The Proven Approach To Marketing With Shaundell Newsome

Cory DeGuzman
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Posted: March 20, 2024
The Proven Approach To Marketing With Shaundell Newsome

We had the privilege of sitting with author, speaker and entrepreneur Shaundell Newsome, Founder of the SBA Award Winning Family Owned Business of the Year Sumnu Marketing, Creator of the 12 Steps of Marketing, US Airforce Veteran, and Board Member on the Las Vegas Urban Chamber of Commerce. In this podcast interview, Shaundell shares valuable marketing tips and expertise for business owners on common issues such as:

  • The Proven Approach to Marketing
  • How Business Owners Should Approach Marketing Efforts
  • What Business Owners Should Know from a Marketing Expert
  • Common Misconceptions Such as, “I Don’t Have the Time or Budget for Marketing”
  • Steps Business Owners Can Take at Their Early, Mid, and Mature Stages to see Profitable Growth Short Term and Long Term
  • How Companies Know Where to Start and How to¬†Differentiate Who is a Legitimate Experienced Leader that can Help Them Grow
  • Some Tell-Tale Signs an Organization is Ready to Bring on a Marketing Consultant

Shaundell also shares some upcoming events and projects on his agenda and tools soon to be launched that will dramatically help business owners with their marketing efforts.


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