Retro Music Rocks

Retro Music Rocks

Retro Rocks is an original new wave of Classic Christian Rock with a hint of Blues, written and composed by Pastor John Gee.

The Challenge:

The songwriter musician, John Gee, had a new rockin’ retro style album, but needed a website that visually reflected the sound captured in his music. He also needed the site to play sample teasers of the album tracks and a way for visitors to buy the CD and download MP3s.

Our Solution:

The vision of a throw back to classic rock with a bold, clean style was brought to life & the Artist was given a prosperous new avenue through which to advertise and sell his music. Clever engagement tactics capture users’ attention with a spinning record that when clicked, plays a clip from the album. Each page dynamically displays a unique background, bringing the listener back in time. Finally, a pop-out ticket stub cleverly acts as a contact form, encouraging users to interact and click.

The Results

  • Since launching, John has been able to add a music video to the new site and expand as his creativity grows
John Gee, Pastor, Family Worship Christian Church
This company does first class work exceeding all expectations in a timely manner. They are personable and professional. They make things easy to understand for a non techy person like myself. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed!

- John Gee, Pastor, Family Worship Christian Church