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Marie Thompson


Marie is Co-Founder at Vegas Website Designs est. 2014. She is a highly driven entrepreneur under 40 looking to bring high quality modern web design to Las Vegas. She helped grow the company from its engineer roots as a small web development company to a full scale digital marketing and design agency offering a comprehensive solution to organizations needing to scale fast.

Marie provides expertise in strategic vision, entrepreneurship and a variety of marketing tactics. She has spoken for dozens of Nevada’s top organizations and written numerous articles on what it takes to succeed in digital business.

Ryan Thompson


Ryan co-founded Vegas Website Designs after graduating with a degree in computer science. He is adept in working with middle-market and fortune 500 companies. Ryan provides expertise in technology and developing sales strategies.

Ryan has owned and served in the digital agency industry for decades and worked with hundreds of clients. He is an expert developer and provides insight and value to the complex digital marketing/business space. Ryan delivers seminars and keynotes on tactical topics from programming and web design to analytics and web & server security.

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