Case Study

Johnson Advisors

Visual rebrand to align firm & audience positioning

Stand Out.

Johnson Advisors is a local CPA firm with a focus on building relationships and leading their clients financially. The firm handles high net worth clientele and with clients like Las Vegas Athletic Club and Terrible Herbst, their website needed to reflect more professionalism with a flare of personality. Since the firm has branched out, the website has undergone several design interfaces, though none have accurately portrayed the company’s brand the way they wanted. This was generating mis-matched leads and repelling ideal prospects.

Walking in the front door of Johnson Advisors was an experience infinitely better than browsing their old website. We knew right away the new website would require a look that gave the user a consistent experience. And after meeting the team, we were confident we wanted to capture the personality that showed through.


Increased Mobile Usage


Consistency from Office to Web


Increased Time on Site

Responsive Web Design

Our Approach

In our strategy first approach, we were able to define Johnson Advisors’ culture, brand, audience and goals in order to engage the right kind of prospects. Learning about their values enabled us to develop the firm’s voice and identity through content marketing. Using our approach, we ensured their online presence positions them as leaders in transition planning for high net worth individuals, and with a scalable content management system, we know they’re on track to meet company goals. The new website is impressive and validates the firm.

We wanted to engage the web user and encourage them to keep clicking through the site, so we gave them a section-by-section scroll feature that zooms the user through the navigation. To increase engagement and drive leads, we’ve added a simple on-page form that captures the user’s attention and invests them in the process. Beautiful high res images of their office are incorporated with a desert canyon color screen overlay that gives a consistent experience from online to front door. We’re also pushing their high end clientele with testimonials and logos to hone in on the firm’s ideal niche. The new interface truly represents the professional and personable experience that is Johnson Advisors.

Johnson Advisors Video
Gary Johnson, Managing Partner, Johnson Advisors
They took the time to really understand us and our approach to serving clients, and captured it perfectly with our new website.

- Gary Johnson, Managing Partner, Johnson Advisors